Monitorist is a new service for tracking and monitoring prices for products from different online shops. User can add products to their watchlist and will get notified as soon as the price is below their previously defined limit. There are also detailed statistics about the price history of watchlist items.

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MyTimeTable is a handy timetabling service and iOS application including many features like a todo list, exam dates and more.
The webservice - that offers fluent synchronization between all devices - is completely free and the the low-priced iOS app available on the AppStore. Website: and

PushNotifier for iOS

PushNotifier is the official iOS-application for the PushNotifier-service. It allows users to easily send push notifications (messages and URLs) to their mobile devices. The service is also providing an API so you can receive notifications on your mobile device from any website that supports PushNotifier and that you have logged into.

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RDstudios is a recently established german VFX (Visual Effects) movie production studio by a friend of mine and me. The first movie is currently in production, and will be available soon. The studios primary aim is to create short VFX-movies - for example of video games in real life. If you don't want to miss the first production feel free to subscribe us on YouTube, or visit our website for news.